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Quotable moments from Cards/Texans aftermath

Not everything fits into a story. So here are some one-liners.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

When I go and cover a football game at the stadium, I end up with way more quotes than I can ever use. So here is where I serve up some one-liners and otherwise good quotes from the players and coaches.

Bruce Arians on Marcus Benard's one-handed interception:

"That was really great. He can't catch a cold. He made a heck of a catch."

Jonathan Cooper, who gave up a sack to J.J. Watt, after hearing about Carson Palmer wanted to get hit a couple of times:

"We'll, I guess he got his wish."

Arians on Logan Thomas' performance:

"He threw some balls in there that made me hold my breath, but the guys caught them."

Darnell Dockett on the depth of the team:

"Yeah it's one of the most talented teams I've been a part of."

Carson Palmer on why he was so quick to the podium:

"In and out (of the shower). What? I didn't sweat."

Palmer on keeping a deep WR corps happy:

"There's not a guy that's clamoring for the ball or bad body language if the ball goes to someone else...There's no first down dances or some of the stuff you see."

John Brown on if he was nervous:

"No, I wasn't nervous at all."

Andre Ellington on Walt Powell and receivers:

"I gave (Walt) a little bit of smack talking for getting run down on that one catch, but it's all good."

Ellington on Logan Thomas:

"He's going to be a star."

Texans head coach Bill O'Brien on the team's performance:

"It wasn't a good night of football."

More O'Brien:

"I don't think, as a team...Nobody really played well. Nobody coached well."

J.J. Watt on the team's play:

"I don't think we played very well."