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It's one preseason game, put down the Kool-Aid

Kool-Aid is a registered trademark of Kraft Foods Inc. and is in no way affiliated with Revenge of the Birds, SBNation or the Arizona Cardinals. It is, however, a funny line that Kraft probably goes with because its free advertising.

Get back here you silly billy
Get back here you silly billy
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we beat the living crap out of that team -- the one that had the first pick in the draft and has lost 14 straight games.  The same team that had to get rid of their busted QB and picked up a QB from the Titans.... THE TITANS... That's like wasting a third round pick on a WR from Pittsburg State....oh wait.

Regardless, we beat up on a team that we should beat up on. It's nothing special really, except for the fact the Cardinals have historically played to the level of the team they are playing.  So maybe it is good news to have a team that cares about a meaningless game in preseason.

Now we have to look at this game as a whole. We were only able to score seven points with our starters in and the rest were all scored by the second and third string. That's only 22 percent of the team's scoring, and I know that Jadeveon Clowney dominated us the whole game (based off of NFL Network and ESPN) so that's a concern.

Switching gears to the defense, while we did pitch a shutout the whole game, much like the offense, we were only able to see a limited time with the starters on the field.  Come on. They only played 5 plays and their stats don't look like anything special for an entire game. It was one three-and-out and a pick on a tipped ball.  Hardly Super Bowl winning stats there.

So congrats, you were the champions of the worst team in the NFL.  Put down the Kool-Aid because winning one preseason game does not make you this year's Seattle....


*( No sarcasm was harmed in the making of this write up)