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2014 NFL countdown: 26 days left and the Cardinals history of No. 26

Yet another day closer.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals play their regular season opener in 26 days. That means that we look at the history of that number.

No. 26 has not been memorable.

It is now worn by safety Rashad Johnson. He wore 49 for four seasons and switched to 26 last season. He will start in place of Tyrann Mathieu until his return. He lost part of a finger on a punt play against the Saints last year. Tough dude.

Before Johnson, it was running back Beanie Wells' number from 2009-2012. A first round pick, he had a very solid rookie season splitting time with Tim Hightower. 2010 was a disappointment and riddled with injuries. In 2011, he surpassed 1000 yards, but really only had three impact games. 2012 went badly and he is now known as another highly drafted running back that didn't work out for the Cardinals.

In 2007-08, it was worn by cornerback Rod Hood. Signed as a free agent to a five-year deal after five seasons in Philadelphia, he had five interceptions in 2007, returning two for touchdowns. He was a starter on the Super Bowl team, but was known as the "other guy" that fans would get upset with opposite of Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. He was released after the season.

Cornerback Robert Tate wore it in 2004-05. He had in Minnesota under Denny Green and was signed as a free agent. He started five games in '05 and intercepted a pair of passes.

Cornerback Emmanuel McDaniel wore in 2003.

Running back Thomas Jones wore 26 from 2000-02. One of the biggest disappointments at the position, he was a Top-10 pick in 2000 and he was part ineffective, part unliked and his tenure ended with a broken hand, which reportedly happened when answering the phone. He went on to be a very solid player for many years after that.

Cornerback J.B. Brown wore it in 1998.

In 1995, it was worn by two players. One was DB Tony Jones, who appeared in two games and the other was cornerback Ben Smith, who played in another two.

Safety Chuck Cecil wore it in 1993. Known as the "heat-seeking missile," he played one season for the Cards. He was known for huge hits and had a few. However, after being fined substantially for a big hit (and it was questionable that it was an illegal hit), he was not the same.

Here are the rest:

1992 -- Mitchell Price

1991-92 -- Chris Oldham

1989 -- Michael Downs

1988 -- Lester Lyles

1983 -- George Schmitt

1981 -- Mike Fisher

1979 -- Thomas Lott

1977 -- Rondy Colbert

1973-76 -- Dwayne Crump

1967-71 -- Chuck Latourette

1966 -- Jimmy Heidel

There you go. It was not great. Maybe Beanie Well was the best...and that is not very good, considering what he should have been.