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Arizona Cardinals defense ranked 21st and offense ranked 29th by PFF

We look to see who has taken one too many trips to Colorado or Seattle lately at Pro Football Focus.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

So your 10-6 Arizona Cardinals team from last year, who only lost two games outside its division, apparently got much, much worse this offseason despite several additions to the team that could be considered considerable upgrades from the 2013 team.  Pro Football Focus has taken all 32 teams and ranked every offense and defense as a way to show who the best teams in the NFL are stacked up this coming off season.

They ranked the Cardinals defense 21st overall and the offense 29th.

I guess they were all also replacement refs from a couple years ago, because they have to be blind not to see that the Cardinals have a top-12 offense and a maybe a top-5 or 10 defense going into this year.  I am pretty sure whoever wrote these rankings has the Football IQ of my five-month-old and was overworked and underpaid for their opinion.  Maybe some day I'll get paid for my write ups (probably not, my English sucks).

Whatever, I'm over these lists... GO CARDINALS, just go beat the living crap out of everyone....