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ROTB Roundtable: Most Impressive and Disappointing, Exciting Players, and Who/What to Watch For

After the Cardinals successful first pre-season game against the Houston Texans, many questions still remain to be answered.

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The ROTB Writing Staff took on three of these.

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1) Who were you most impressed with in Saturday's game against the Texans? Most disappointed with?

Jesse Reynolds: Most impressed with John Brown, he was the training camp hero but we've seen those before do nothing in camp. He looked like a special player against the Texans. Let's see how he holds up against a better secondary.

Least impressed was Jonathon Cooper, he is giving the "Ryan Williams" feeling of looking great but always nicked up and never being able to contribute. I hope I am very wrong about that.

Alex Mann: I was most impressed with Logan Thomas. We were all not sure what to expect from him but no one expected that kind of performance. Obviously it is still early and he was playing against third stringers on a porous defense, but it was still an impressive debut none the less.

The player I am most disappointed with would be Cooper. I was not expecting Cooper to do all that much, due to his injury and all, but there were times he looked hesitant. He got up from having his leg rolled on, which was great to see, and you could see some confidence building after that, but I may have expected a little more than what I saw. Again, it's early, and everyone played excellent, so I had to get picky.

Jason Mulkey: Well John Brown was impressive, but I have to say that I was most impressed with both inside linebackers: Kevin Minter, and Kenny Demons. They both played well enough to almost make you forget about the losses of Dansby and Washington.

2) Which player are you most excited for on offense and defense?

Jesse Reynolds: On offense I'm excited to see Jared Veldeer lock up the left side of the line and keep Carson Palmer clean and upright. On defense it's really hard to pick, I want to see Tyrann Mathieu back, Kevin Minter step up, make Bucannon big plays and Cromartie lock down the field opposite of Peterson.

Alex Mann: Offensively, who else than John Brown? Ellington is my runner up, with Floyd following them both, but Brown has a lot of preseason/offseason hype he has to live up to, and it will be exciting to watch him do just that. Defensively, Sam Acho. His rookie contract comes to an end and the team is excited about what he can bring this year. If he can become more consistent than the guy we saw his first few years, the one who made an amazing play here and there, then we are looking at a really good player for years to come.

Jason Mulkey: I am most excited to see if Andre Ellington can really live up to the potential that is expected of him, and become as elite as a Jamaal Charles, Leshawn McCoy type running back.

3) Who/What will you be watching for in this week's preseason game against the Vikings?

Jesse Reynolds: The run game, the Texans have a great defensive front and so they did a great job against the run but the Vikings don't have Watt, Clowney and Smith so I'd like to see a better job by the RBs and line.

Alex Mann: To be honest, Ryan Lindley. People may think I'm a complete dimwit for believing in this guy still, but I still think he has the talent to be a capable backup in the league. A lot of fans bash his play from his rookie year, you know, the year every single one of our quarterbacks sucked? If he cannot perform against the Vikings then I will know I was wrong. But to judge the guy based off of four games his rookie season is more ridiculous than me still holding out hope.

Jason Mulkey: I will be keeping my eye on Jonathan Cooper to see if he can play better than last week. I will also watch to see if the offense can repeat their offensive performance from a week ago, against a better defensive unit in the Vikings.