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Jay Feely changing his kickoff approach

The veteran knows he has to change something.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

One training camp battle that Arizona Cardinals fans have been watching is the competition at kicker between veteran Jay Feely and undrafted rookie Chandler Catanzaro.

Catanzaro has a young, powerful leg. Given the kicking duties in the first prseason game, he put all his kickoffs deep in the end zone. He also hit all three of his field goal attempts and three long extra point attempts.

This week, against the Minnesota Vikings, it is Jay Feely's turn and the pressure is on.

A point of focus is how well he can kick off. And with his job on the line, Feely is changing his kickoff approach.

According to what he told  Fox Sports Arizona's Craig Morgan, he "will begin his run into the kickoff farther back."

He is taking a page from former Lions kicker (who played forever) Jason Hanson. The move gets more power into the kick, but potentially is more erratic.

But the change is clearly motivated by the fact that Feely sees the writing on the wall. After all, Arians himself said that when you have two guys that are equal on field goals, you take the guy that is better at kickoffs.

Feely will get to kick outside in Minnesota and the plan is to have him kick the following weekend at home (inside) against the Ciincinnati Bengals.

Keep an eye out for Feely's kickoffs. Hopefully, he will get to do it a lot. That would mean lots of points for Arizona.