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Players to watch in the Cardinals vs Vikings game

Preseason is all about finding those 'diamonds in the rough', even when they slap you in the face with their ability. Like players who wear the number 12.

Christian Petersen

Preseason is always tough time to judge a team as whole. The teams starters get barely any playing time and coaches typically focus more on player development rather than the scoreboard.

Not to say it's pointless. Because, well, the Cardinals dominated the Texans.

While it's glossing over the fact that last season the Cardinals were clearly a better team. It was the new additions to the team that shined and give hope.

Players to watch today:

John Brown

We all heard the hype this offseason about Brown. Lo and behold! He's worth all the hype. However, Brown needs to show consistency this week in order to prove his hot start was a fluke. Keep in mind even if last week becomes and outlier game that isn't bad, the guy just got drafted. But man, how great will this game be if Brown dominates again....

*Also, keep an eye on Jaron Brown. He played well against the Texans and did have playing time in season last year. Depth is important on any team.

Jonathan Cooper

I'll admit I feel into the same trap. I assume that players are robots and should return from any injury with no problems on a set timetable. Cooper didn't look good last week. He played slow and I can remember one play where his leg clearly had an issue as he went into the huddle. Cooper needs to show strength in the run game pushing players off the line and show a consistent sustained pass block for his QBs. Remember Earl Watford is waiting in the wings.

Ryan Lindley

After Logan Thomas played a game, limited game, Lindley needs to be just as impressive against the Vikings. However, he doesn't have to have the same stat line. Lindley has as strong arm. He needs to show good accuracy and touch. If Thomas' can show improvement in a short timeframe, Lindley is way past due to prove it.

Sam Acho and Alex Okafor

Without John Abraham, the team doesn't have a strong outside pass rush. Scheme all you want, Mr. Bowles, but if there was something to happen to Abraham. Or...Jesus, take the wheel...age was to catch up to the man. Acho and/or Okafor would need to become at least a strong pass rush.

Actually, no. Just watch the linebackers in general. This is the defense's weakest spot and right now I don't even know how the starters will be, much less if we have any decent depth. We lost our two starting inside linebackers, Abraham wasn't at camp all offseason. This group is really one big unknown.