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Who was the Arizona Cardinals player of the game vs. the Minnesota Vikings?

Preseason leads to new choices that wouldn't normally be seen

Hannah Foslien

No one likes to see their team lose a game. Regardless if it is a preseason game. However, given all the mistakes missed opportunities remember, the Cardinals lost by two in a game where the Vikings starters played the entire first half and the third string defense was being tested by Bridgewater, who is fighting for starting QB.

Enough about the game. It's time to decide who was the best contributor on the field yesterday.

Here's your list and why:

Calais Campbell

He is absolutely the most underrated defensive end in the NFL. Campbell on the first series, broke through and caused a tackle for a loss. The very next play, he bursts through the good Minnesota offensive line disrupting the pass play and forcing Cassel out of the pocket who then ended up with a three yard gain.

Larry Foote

Foote spent then entire last season off the field with an injury. A stat line of 3 tackles, 1 assist. Those tackles though were all near the line demonstrating great play recognition and he was constantly around the ball. His best play? Vikings were 1st and goal on the Cardinals 9 yard line, they call a run for Mike Asiata, Foote recognizes the play and shoots through the gap so quickly, he's untouched and tackles for a one yard loss.

Jaron Brown

A screen pass for a 51 yard gain (aided by some nice blocking by our other favorite Brown) and a beautiful 35 yard catch in tight coverage to bring the team to set up 1st and goal on the 3 yard line. Jaron Brown created one play by breaking a tackle and showing good speed. The 35 yard was just an impressive catch. I can't see how he hasn't won the 5th receiver position.

Drew Stanton

Stanton played against the Vikings 1st string defense and won. Alright, that maybe hyperbole, but you get the gist. He was able to hit Jaron Brown and John Brown on deep passes and threw a bullet to Darren Fells on his high inside shoulder in the back endzone just out of reach of Chad Greenway, the Vikes best linebacker. What a solid backup quarterback. Trust me, that's a compliment.

Robert Hughes

Hughes first series ended with 7 rushes, 24 yards and a touchdown. That is 3.4 YPC, not hall of fame worthy, but when you are fighting for a 4th running back roster spot on a team that doesn't have to keep four running backs, you need to make the coaching staff believe they are better with you than without. He definitely played a game that makes me hope we keep him.