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How much impact will Jaron Brown have in 2014?

As WR%, it will be difficult.

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Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

After a two-catch, 86-yard performance on Saturday, the talk has been about receiver Jaron Brown and how he has locked up a roster spot for the Arizona Cardinals.

He has been hard not to notice.

He makes play after play in practice and all four of his catches in the first two preseason games have been important. Head coach Bruce Arians said (via AZCentral) Brown has a "big play every day."

But as Kent Somers wonders in his feature on Brown, will be be just another training camp and preseason receiving star? We have seen a lot of them -- Stephen Williams, Lance Long, Jason McAddley and others over the years.

The truth is Brown won't likely see the field offensively in 2014, except in the case of injury. After all, the Cardinals already have four receivers ahead of him.

He is a key special teams player, so he will get to see the field, as he did last season.

So will he do much this season? Probably not in terms of offense.

But that doesn't mean he won't be an impact player for the team.

Give him another year. With all the speculation about Larry Fitzgerald being in his last year as a Cardinal, it is not completely absurd to say that Arizona could have Michael Floyd with John and Jaron Brown as the team's top three receivers.

Are we getting a little too excited about a player that is considered to be the fifth-best player in his position group?

Perhaps, but what else is the preseason for, if not to get excited about players who only might get significant playing time in the regular season?