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What was the Arizona Cardinals play of the game in loss to the Minnesota Vikings?

There were some pretty good plays to choose from.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals lost tot he Minnesota Vikings 30-28 on Saturday. Teddy Bridgewater made some plays in the fourth quarter to score 17 points and come away with the win.

But what was the best play of the game for the Cardinals?

Here are the nominees:

1. Jaron Brown's 51-yard screen pass play

In the team's first offensive series, Brown took a receiver screen and made a huge play out of it. He got a great block from John Brown and he shed tacklers, but 51 yards is 51 yards. That play was key in the drive that ended in a touchdown.

2. Darren Fells' touchdown reception

We all know by now that Fells is a former basketball player. Down at the goalline, Drew Stanton tossed the ball up for Fells, who was covered by Chad Greenway. Fells jumped up and ripped the ball out of the air like he was grabbing a rebound and came down with it, scoring the touchdown.

3. Jaron Brown's 35-yard leaping reception

Just a couple of plays before the Fells touchdown, Brown's second reception of the game also makes the list. On a deep throw down the left sideline, Brown leaped up and grabbed the ball, coming down at the three.

4. The (almost) winning touchdown fumble play

Ryan Lindley didn't do anything positive in the drive, but the Cardinals still looked like they were going to win the game off this play. Lindley fumbled the snap, there began to be a pileup of linemen, but John Estes batted the ball away and running back Zach Bauman scooped it up and scored. No official gave the touchdown sign, but the ruling on the field was a touchdown. Replay confirmed it. It was almost the strangest way to win a least until the defense let Teddy Bridgewater drive down the field for the winning touchdown.

5. Justin Renfrow's sack

The only defensive play to show up here, it was the play that allowed the Cardinals to get the ball, down three points, and have a chance to take the lead. On third down, Renfrow got the team's only sack of the game and forced a punt.

Vote for the play you think was the best for the Cardinals.