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2014 NFL countdown: 21 days remaining and the history of No. 21

Only three weeks until the season starts!

Christian Petersen

There are only three weeks left until the regular season starts for the Arizona Cardinals. 21 days!

We will look at the history of No. 21.

But first, since I couldn't get to No. 22, let us raise a glass to Roger Wehrli, who wore 22 from 1969-1982. He made the Pro Bowl seven times, was an All-Pro three times and is in the Hall of Fame. He was the best of No. 22.

Now for 21.

The very rich Patrick Peterson wears  it now. He has been in the league three years and has made the Pro Bowl in all three seasons. He was drafted as the fifth pick overall in 2011. He returned four punts for touchdowns in his rookie season. He is considered one of the top five cornerbacks in the NFL today. He will tell you he is the best and many agree. He is signed through 2020.

Safety Hamza Abdullah had 21 in 2010.

Antrel Rolle wore 21 from 2005-2009. He was a top 10 draft pick by Arizona as a cornerback, but he wasn't good. But a move to safety made him an impact player. After his Pro Bowl 2009 season, he signed the richest contract in history for a safety with the Giants. He has been to the Pro Bowl twice since then.

Cornerback Renaldo Hill wore 21 from 2002-04. He was drafted in the seventh round and wore 45 his rookie year. He became a starter and even picked off five passes in 2003. He would play 10 years in the league, eventuallly moving to safety.

Let's go down the line for a while.

2000 -- Clarence Williams

1998 -- Eric Metcalf (

1997 -- Kevin Miniefield

1995-96 -- Lance Brown

1994 -- James Williams

1992-93 -- Dexter Davis

1990 -- Tracy Eaton

1987 -- Mark Jackson

1980-82 -- Dave Stief

1973-77 -- Terry Metcalf

Metcalf was quite the player. He was a three-time Pro Bowler and an impact player at running back and in the return game.

Watch his moves:

1963-71 -- Jerry Stovall

1962 -- Norm Beal

1954-58 -- Jimmy Sears

1955 -- Tom Keane

1954 -- Ellsworth Kingery

1953 -- Dan Sandifer

1951-53 -- S.J. Whitman

1950 -- Jim Hardy

There you have it. Patrick Peterson will hopefully become the best of the 21's, but it is Metcalf for the time being.