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2014 NFL countdown: 18 days left and a look at No. 18 for the Cardinals

Who has worn this number? No one memorable.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The number 18. For the Cardinals, it has not been a good number. At least there are only 18 days left until the team's season opener.

Let's see who these forgettable players have been.

Not a single player wears 18 right now.

Last year and in 2012, it belonged to receiver Kerry Taylor. He was a good story, having grown up in Chandler and playing for Arizona State. He was a practice squad player in 2012. He made the team in 2013 and then was cut a day later. He was on the practice squad again and then was elevated to the active roster. He caught three passes with Arizona in one game after Larry Fitzgerald had to come out...and one of them was from Patrick Peterson. He was later released and then landed with the Jaguars.

Receiver Max Komar wore it in 2010 and 2011. He was one of those nice undrafted rookie stories who made the team in 2010. He was in camp in 2011 and played in the preseason but was cut. He caught a dozen passes in 2010.

Another undrafted receiver who was fantastic in training camp was Stephen Williams. He wore 18 briefly I guess, according to the Pro Football Reference database. He also wore 14.

Then you have to go back to 2005 for another 18. That year it was receiver Reggie Newhouse. He made the team as an undrafted rookie in '04 and wore 87. He changed his number to 18 in 2005 and caught four passes in three games.

In 2002, it belonged to a guy named Jake Soliday, a receiver. He played in four games and caught four passes. That was his entire NFL career.

Receiver Kevin Knox wore 18 in 1994 and appeared in two games. He had no stats and never played in the league again.

Backup quarterback Cliff Stoudt wore 18 from 1986-88. He was the guy that backed up Neil Lomax for those three years and replaced him after Lomax went down with his hip injury that would ultimately end his career. Stoudt's two starts began the 1988 tailspin. The Cards were 7-4. They lost their final five games.

The best of No. 18 would have to go to Carl Birdsong, the team's punter from 1981-85. He made the Pro Bowl in 1983.

There was Mark Manges in 1978, Sergio Albert in 1974, Fred Wallner in 1951 and George Petrovich in 1950.