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Darnell Dockett is gone for the year: How can the Arizona Cardinals defense be better?

Looking at what a huge loss Dockett is for this team and how in the world the D may get even better.

Im still here, just in a different capacity
Im still here, just in a different capacity
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I have watched Darnell Dockett for the last 10 years with amazement.  He has been a rock at the position for a decade, missing only two games in that entire time.

He was part of that amazing draft in 2004 that also included Karlos Dansby, and some WR guy.  It might be the best draft in the last 20 years in the whole NFL.  Dockett should come back -- after all, he was very, very upset at Karlos' "loyalty" and while I know we cant keep him at $10 million next year, I hope we can come to some accord regarding his contract for the rest of his career.

For the last couple of years, Dockett has been asked to play a system that may not be the best suited for him but he did it with a smile (mostly) and for the team (always).  He was asked to keep the fatties off the linebackers so that Karlos and Washington could do their thing and get all the glory.  Pretty boys.  This more than anything is why he went from having nine sacks and  seven sacks a year to three.

Now we have replaced him with a person who is a good player, but not as athletic or as good at rushing the passer as we would like him to be.  He is more of a wide body who is good at taking up space and blockers (fatties) and letting linebackers flow to the ball.

How in the world does this make us better you ask? Well, we have the makings of a Pro Bowl secondary (all of them) that knows it needs to keep their coverage for a half a second longer to allow a pass coverage.  It knows it's going to be out on an island more often because of the blitz to generate that pass rush.  It will perform better  overall knowing they need to make a play.

I'm hoping we can really start off well and start sending people on every single play. I want to see more stunts to "manufacture" more pressure.  I will be nice to see Mini A-Dub (Deone Bucannon) time his blitz so that he hits the gap right at the snap of the ball.

I think we will be even better against the run this year if Kevin Minter can be the player I know he can be. Larry Foote is just too smart and can identify to both Minter and the team how the opponent is attacking them and can make adjustments on the fly.