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2014 NFL countdown: With 16 days left, let's look at the Cardinals history of No. 16

It's Jake the Snake today!

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With 16 days left until the start of the regular season for the Arizona Cardinals, we look at No. 16.

It happens to be the number that one of my absolute favorite football players wore.

Right now, No. 16 is worn by receiver Kevin Ozier. A fantastic story, he was a walkon at Arizona State who eventually got a scholarship. He went undrafted and had a tryout with the Cardinals during rookie mini-camp. He was good enough to get signed, although he will probably be among first cuts after this weekend.

Last year, Teddy Williams wore it. He was signed as a receiver, but has since been moved to cornerback. He was a track star in college. He is in a battle for the last cornerback spot.

In 2001, receiver Daiveun Curry-Chapman wore 16 in training camp. He was a Northern Arizona product and got the invite in part because the team held camp in Flagstaff. He didn't make it past first cuts.

Quarterback John Navarre wore it in 2004 and 2005. Denny Green drafted him in the seventh round and even threw him out to start a game late in the season when he bounced between Josh McCown and Shaun King. His start was terrible -- one touchdown and four picks, and less than 46 percent complete. Green's rationale for letting him start? He was a big guy that started four years at a big school -- why not?

Before Navarre, it was Jake Plummer! Plummer was drafted in the second round in 1997 and began starting about halfway through his rookie year. In 1998 he led to the team to the playoffs and a postseason win, but then things fell apart as the latent around him did. He threw only nine touchdowns and was intercepted 24 times to lead the league. He would start through 2002 and left in free agency to the Broncos. Plummer was exciting, talented, but had a habit of forcing things and making poor decisions. But he sure could lead a comeback.

Before Plummer, it was quarterback Mike Buck. I don't remember him. He had spent three years in New Orleans before one year in Arizona.

Punter Rich Camarillo wore it 1989-1993. He was one small bright spot on the team. He made the Pro Bowl four of the five seasons and was an All-Pro once.

1986 -- Kent Austin

1980-83 -- Rusty Lisch

1972 -- Tim Van Galder

1958-60 -- King Hill