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Michael Floyd believes he can be 'one of the best' WRs in the NFL

The wideout enters 2014 with a ton of confidence.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Michael Floyd missed a couple of weeks of practice with an injured groin, but has since returned to the practice field and was, as people say, kicking the rust off.

He stopped by to talk with John Gambadoro and Dave Burns on their radio show on Arizona Sports 98.7 and talked about it and the upcoming season with training camp now coming to a close.

The groin injury wasn't just something precautionary because it was training camp and the preseason. "It hurt me," Floyd said, who also responded "yes" to the question of whether or not it was significant. "I wasn't going to go out there unless I was 100 percent."

Confidence heading into this season is high.

It wasn't so much when he first entered the league his rookie year. He wasn't starting yet, and "it was the first time since second grade" he wasn't a starter. His early struggles "were all in (his) head."

Once he started getting more playing time later in the season and as he adjusted to the NFL, his "confidence just blew."

How high is his confidence now?

"I think I can be great, one of the best," he said when asked how good he believes he can be.

"I like being an all-around wide receiver, and that's not just making touchdowns and getting catches," he said. "That's also in the run game and you've got to be physical in there."

Most believe that Floyd is going to have a great year. He took a big step forward last year in Year 2, surpassing 1000 yards and having some absolutely dominating games.

Heading into 2014, Floyd won't say what his individual goals are, just that he wants the team to win the division and get into the postseason. He says the stats will come if that happens.

But he was clear that he he believes he has the tools to be one of the best, so there is that.

How big a season do you expect Floyd to have?