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Cardinals vs. Bengals: What was Arizona's play of the game?

Even in a loss, there were a few bright spots.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals cane away from Sunday with a 19-13 loss and there were many missed opportunities. But there were some positives to come out of it. There were also some plays worth mentioning.

Which one was the play of the game for the Cardinals? You vote on it.

Here are the choices:

The John Brown touchdown catch

Brown got the call on a go route. Stanton puts the ball up and it is a little long, so he dives and hauls in the pass for a touchdown.

It's worth looking at again.

The Larry Fitzgerald 43-yard pass play

Fitz made a mistake on a route, which led to an interception returned for a touchdown, but he and Carson Palmer were on the right page on this play. One of the Bengals defensive backs showed blitz and when the snap came he did rush Palmer. Instead of a protection shift, Palmer went with the hot read, which was Fitz on a quick slant. It went for 43 yards, It was beautiful.

The Andre Ellington 24-yard run

Ellington showed why he is such a weapon on offense. He found the hole and just kept going. 24 yards is all it was.

Drew Stanton's 17-yard scramble

Stanton didn't see what he liked and took off. It was as if he had learned a thing or two from rookie Logan Thomas. I bet you didn't expect to see that happen.

The Kareem Martin almost strip and score

It didn't end up being a turnover, but when they had the runner bottled up, Martin ripped the ball away and was rumbling down the field. It would have likely been a touchdown. In any case, the play gave the Cardinals a chance to give Logan Thomas to lead the team for a game-winning score. It just didn't happen.

Now you vote!