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Cardinals vs. Bengals results: The good and the bad from the 19-13 loss

It was a loss, but not all was lost.

Norm Hall

In the preseason, you don't worry nearly so much about the final result, but it is nice when the team can pull out a win. The Arizona Cardinals couldn't and a 54-yard interceptions return for a touchdown was the difference in the game.

What was good and what was bad about the game? Let's recap:

The good:

Protection for Palmer

Palmer's number won't show it, but he had a lot of time to throw. The offensive line did its job.

The running game came through

Andre Ellington got some real playing time and touches. He ran the ball nine times for 46 yards. Of course, that means he ran the ball eight times for 22 yards if you take out the one long run. But it was at least something, which was a positive.

The defense played well overall

The defense did not give up a touchdown. They stuffed the rush in the first half -- only 41 yards on 15 carries, good for only 2.7 yards per attempt. In the fourth quarter, they gave the offense a chance with about five minutes left to win the game.


The Bengals had a cart come out on four different occasions in the fourth quarter alone. The Cardinals appear to have come out of the game injury free. Lorenzo Alexander left the game and had his leg looked at. He was questionable to return, but he did come back and play after that. Tackle Max Starks played briefly, but Bradley Sowell replaced him later. Perhaps it was a sore ankle or that was the plan the whole time.

The bad:

No pass rush

The Cardinals did not sack any Bengals quarterback and didn't really get to them. John Abraham put some pressure on, but outside of the veteran, there wasn't really anything.

Dropped passes and missed receivers

Twice on third down, Carson Palmer put the ball in a catchable spot and the receivers dropped them. Combine that with Carson Palmer overthrowing guys early and you have a collection of missed opportunities.

The Palmer interception

Despite how it looked, Larry Fitzgerald apparently ran the wrong route. Palmer threw it to where he expected him to be and the result was an interception returned for a score. It ended up being the difference in the game.

Logan Thomas didn't look like a franchise QB

After looking brilliant in his first appearance, he did not follow it up with anything memorable. He was sacked and he was 2/7 for 21 yards and an interception. He was unable to move the ball down the field when he had the chance to lead the team to take the lead.


Is there anything you would add to either list? How concerned are you after the loss?