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2014 NFL roster cuts: Who will be the 1st 12 to go for the Arizona Cardinals?

Cuts have to happen by Tuesday. Who will it be?

Norm Hall

The Arizona Cardinals must trim their roster by 12 players to get it down to 75 players by Tuesday afternoon.

With three games in the books, who will be among those cuts?

It isn't as easy as you think. Most of the starters will not play on Thursday against the San Diego Chargers, so you can't simply drop the last guys from the roster. They will need back of the roster guys to play.

Here are some players that might have to turn in their playbook soon.

Jay Feely

After a missed field goal, I can't imagine Bruce Arians not having made up his mind yet with the kicking competition. Plus, being a veteran, the team might be inclined to let him go now rather than later so he can land another job more easily. That way, Chandler Catanzaro can get another full game in.

Ryan Lindley

There is nothing left for him to do. Logan Thomas will play the whole game on Thursday. Maybe you keep him around just in case, but why, since 12 guys have to go.

Damien Thigpen

He's too small to use in the running game and hasn't been used in the return game. My guess is that Stepfan Taylor, Zach Bauman and Robert Hughes get the load on Thursday.

Reggie Dunn, Kevin Ozier

These guys have no shot at the roster anyway. You'll see Dan Buckner, Brittan Golden and the Browns play this week. Maybe Ted Ginn, too.

Brandon Sermons, Eddie Whitley or Jimmy Legree

They won't cut too many of these guys. Maybe one or two will go. We will see Justin Bethel, Bryan McCann and Teddy Williams getting the major playing time.

JoJo Dickson, Jonathan Brown or Keenan Clayton

One of these guys is out of here.

Justin Renfrow, Bruce Gaston or Isaac Sopoaga

Sopoaga could be gone if he hasn't shown enough. Otherwise it will be one of the two undrafted guys. Of course, since Christian Tupou played a lot, it might be him if they don't see him having a chance to make the roster.

Kevin Palmer, Tom Draheim

With Nate Potter, Bradley Sowell and Max Starks, they have enough tackles already to play Thursday. Draheim is the odd man out among the centers.