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Cardinals vs. Chargers game preview: What to watch in the final preseason game

The starters, well most of them, are not going to play and Logan Thomas will get a chance to "shine" but is there any other reason to watch game for of the pre season?


Most of the starters are not going to play when the Arizona Cardinals take on the San Diego Chargers in their final preseason tuneup. Logan Thomas will get a chance to "shine," but is there any other reason to watch game for of the preseason?

No, so enjoy the two best plays of the preseason with the Logan Thomas touchdown pass to Dan Buckner against Houston and the John Brown touchdown last weekend.



I kid. There are actually a couple of good battles going on in the last preseason game, and while both are in the headline, they are not the only reason to watch the game.

Cooper and Minter

There have been a lot of questions about Jonathan Cooper. There have been less questions about Minter. But the reality is they have played a combined one regular season snap... ONE!

While the fourth preseason game may be a little nerve racking for a lot of fans, they need the reps, they need to get the rust off and truthfully they need to dominate the guys they will likely be going up against.

Do not get to high or low on Logan Thomas

It's a preseason game in which very few, if any, starters will be on the field, where a lot of the guys getting snaps will be looking for new jobs on Monday and where NFL fans will overreact to how Logan Thomas plays.

While Thomas playing like he did in Week 1 would be a nice last look at Thomas for 2014, it will not dictate whether or not he is a success in the NFL.

What needs to happen is that Thomas needs to be comfortable and quick in his decisions, something he was not against the Bengals, and he needs to look like he has made strides since being drafted in May.

If Thomas goes 1-15 and throws three interceptions, of course you should be disappointed, but again, it will not have impact much in terms of Thomas' future.

Walt Powell or Brittan Golden

The answer from the ROTB Podcast is Powell because of what he brings to the table on special teams and the fact they invested a draft pick in him.

Many fans point out that Golden has better numbers in preseason, but we are talking about the sixth wide receiver, a guy who may see the field a dozen times in a year on offense.

If Golden shows a little more on special teams, then maybe he sticks, but I still think it will be Powell.

Nate Potter or Bradley Sowell

How this plays out will be very interesting, since Sowell has always been thought of as an "Arians guy." But Potter has looked better in the preseason to me, and from everything that we have ever heard about Potter, he understands the game like few others.

With the expanded practice squad rules one of these guys may end up on the practice squad in case of an injury, but the other will get to suit up every Sunday.

Tape for other teams

There's no doubt that the Cardinals have there top 48-50 players already marked off as of now, so many players will be looking to make plays that they can show to the rest of the NFL.

Watch the guys like Adrian Tracy, Anthony Walters, Anthony Steen, Andre Hardy and more one last time, enjoy it, and then hope they find work again somewhere.