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Cardinals vs. Chargers preseason game 4 live blog

Join the conversation and comment away.

Jeff Gross

The Arizona Cardinals and San Diego Chargers play tonight and will face one another in 11 days. This matchup will look nothing like the next one. There will be virtually no starters playing for either team in this preseason finale. It is a game for the coaches to see who the final guys are to make the roster.

So you get to watch Logan Thomas, which should make the game interesting enough to watch for Cardinals fans. Plus, there are enough exciting young rookies that make this game watchable.

So enjoy the game, follow along here in the open thread and comment away.

Tonight there will only be the one thread. I won't start a new one after halftime. I won't be available. I have to watch the game on Friday.


DO NOT ask for or share online streams for the game, unless it is a legal feed (NFL Preseason Live). That could get you banned. It's a big deal for the network and puts the site at risk. Thanks!

Enjoy the game!

Here is a Twitter widget that follows the official game hastag, #AZvsSD.