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2014 NFL countdown: 11 days left and the Cardinals history of No. 11


Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

11 is a great number. There are 11 days left until the start of the regular season and we look at the history of No. 11.

Obviously we know who No. 11 is -- receiver Larry Fitzgerald. He has worn it since 2004 when he was drafted. He was the third overall pick in the draft. He has become one of the best receivers ever to play, he is one of the team's greatest players ever and he almost got the Cardinals a Super Bowl win after having a historic postseason. He is considered to be a lock for the Hall of Fame if he continues to produce as he has.

In 2003, it was worn by quarterback Jeff Blake.

The rest of the players don't matter. Here they are:

2002 --  Kevin Kasper

2000-01 -- Bryan Gilmore

1996-97 -- Kent Graham

1994 -- Jay Shroeder

1987-88 -- Greg Horne

1986 -- Eric Schubert

1985 -- Novo Bojovic

1980-85 -- Neil O'Donoghue

1974-75 -- Dennis Shaw

1963-65 -- Buddy Humphrey

1951 -- Don Joyce

1950 -- John Hock

There is one other very important No. 11 -- Ernie Nevers. He was a kicker and fullback for the Chicago Cardinals. He is a Hall of Famer and a Ring of Honor member. He set a record for points in a single game by scoring six touchdowns and kicking four extra points.