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2014 NFL countdown: 10 days left to kickoff and the history of No. 10

Only 10 days!!!

Donald Miralle

There are 10 days remaining until the Arizona Cardinals play on Monday Night Football to start their regular season.

That means we look at the history of No. 10.

It is currently worn (at least for another day) by receiver Brittan Golden. He was signed during the season last year. He is a bubble player on the roster and very possibly will be cut.

In 2012, it was worn by receiver Gerrell Robinson, who was on the practice squad briefly. He was suspended for PED use. He played college ball at Arizona State.

2011 saw three players wear the number -- Isiah Williams, Max Komar and Brandyn Harvey.

Some guy named Jamaica Rector.

Before that, it was more than a decade of punters.

Jeff Feagles wore it from 1994-97. Scott Player wore it from 1998-2006. Both made the Pro Bowl once while punting here. Player wore that ridiculous one-bar facemask.

QB Stan Gelbaugh wore it in 1991. He was awful, although was great in the World League. Then he went to the Seahawks and was even worse.

The rest? Some players that will not really move the dial.

1987 -- Sammy Garza

1986 -- John Lee

1985 -- Jess Atkinson

1980 -- Larry Swider

1976-77 -- Bill Donckers

1970-71 -- Pete Beathard