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2014 NFL countdown: 36 days left and a look at the history of 36

Getting closer

Norm Hall

I missed a day...whoops. I was swamped with stuff at Fan Fest.

We missed the number 37.

Larry Centers wore it. Yeremiah Bell wore it. Safety Ken Greene wore it 1978-82.Pat Fischer wore and picked off 10 passes in 1964. Those are the highlights of the number.

Today is number 36.

Rookie first round safety Deone Bucannon wears it. We'll see what he becomes. Right now his role is as a dime linebacker.

Before Bucannon was a fan favorite -- running back LaRod Stephens-Howling. Drafted in the seventh round in 2009, he played in Arizona through 2012. He was a kick returner and playmaker out of the backfield and one of the most exciting players the team had.

Diamond Ferri wore it for three games in 2006.

Safety David Barrett wore it from 2000-03. He was a fourth round pick that started 39 games for Arizona and picked off six passes.

In 1996 it was running back Ryan Christopherson.

From 1986-90, it was Vai Sikahema, a local guy who grew up in Mesa, went to Mesa High and was a Pro Bowl returner his first two years in the league.

Linebacker Jeff Paine wore it 1987.

1984-85 -- RB Perry Harrington

1979-80 -- RB Rod Phillips

1974-77 -- DB Ken Reaves

1972 -- RB Cannonball Butler (cool name)

1968-71 -- RB Macarthur Lane

1963-67 -- FB Bill Thornton

1960-61 -- FB Frank Mestnik

1954-57 -- FB/RB Johnny Olszewski

1951-52 -- FB Ralph Pasqueriello

Do you remember any of them?