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Highlights from Aeneas Williams' Pro Football Hall of Fame speech

The Cardinals great had a great speech.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday, former Arizona Cardinals cornerback Aeneas Williams gave his acceptance speech at the induction ceremony. You can read the entire transcript here.

But here are some of the best parts of his speech.

Among his thanks:

"You see I was in New York when I found out I was number one. When I stepped outside and I came out from warm up, and I stepped on to the stadium, and a whole section in the Giants Stadium, a whole section stood up and told me I was number one with the middle finger. So thank you for letting me know I'm number one Giants Stadium."

More thanks:

"See Dallas, Mr. Jerry Jones, Michael Irvin, you guys wouldn't have that beautiful stadium if we hadn't upset you in 1998 where I had to cover Michael Irvin. If he went to the restroom, I had to go flush it. But Michael, thank you. Because I wouldn't be here without you, and without Jerry, and without as many awesome receivers that I had to face."

On how he started playing on the defensive side of the ball:

"How do you think I got on defense? Troy Descano, when I was playing 95 pound ball, and we decided I was a big bad running back. I emulated Larry Csonka. I went out running, and we decided we hadn't lost a game, and we decided we're big and bad, we're going to play the 110 pound guys, and Troy Descano was at the 110 pound guys. I came through the hole, Troy hit me so hard. I was on the ground wondering when I'm going to catch my next breath. It was at that time God spoke to me. You know what he said? He said, 'You got to be better hitting people than getting hit.'"

More thanks:

"See I used to deal with fear. I was afraid because Buddy Ryan put his cornerbacks on an island. Cornerbacks by themselves. See, much love to Revis Island, but it started with Aeneas Island. And Rob Ryan, the first time I went back and he got the job as the defensive back coach he put his arms around me and said Aeneas you could lead this league in interceptions because I saw you do it in college. Thank you, Coach Rob. That was the first year I made All Pro and Pro Bowl. Thank you."