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NFL announces new domestic abuse policy, Daryl Washington might be subject to new punishment

The first offense will be six games.

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

In light of the backlash of the Ray Rice suspension, the NFL announced a new policy for cases of violence -- domestic abuse and sexual assault. The new policy could affect Arizona Cardinals linebacker Daryl Washington, who is currently suspended for the year under the league's substance abuse policy.

The new policy applies to all who work in the NFL, including team personnel. A first-time offense will be a six-game suspension and second offense will result in a lifetime ban (with reinstatement possible after one year).

There is some question as to whether this new policy will affect Washington, who has not had the league yet deal with his domestic abuse charges.

Reporter Andrew Brandt learned that the new rule will not be applied retroactively, but local reporter Kent Somers did not get the same message from league spokesperson Greg Aiello.

One thing is clear -- if and when Washington is reinstated next year, it can be expected that he will miss more than two games in 2015. It shouldn't be surprising to see the league give him six games.

Seth Cox wondered if this is the exact thing that would happen.

Washington's case will probably be the one they use to make an example to all the players.

Now, it is very possible that he won't even be a Cardinals problem. But if he is still on the team when he is back, don't expect him to be available for a while after that.