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2014 NFL roster cuts: Who are the practice squad candidates for the Arizona Cardinals?

The team cut the roster down to 53. They can bring 10 more to the practice squad.

Stephen Dunn

The Arizona Cardinals have their roster down to 53 players. But starting Sunday, they can begin to fill their practice squad. This year, the practice squad can have up to 10 players and two can be used for players who previously were ineligible -- as long as they have no more than two accrued seasons, they can be one of those two players.

The general rule is that a player, before accruing two seasons, can't have been active on game days more than eight times.

Of the players the Cardinals cut, who could be a candidate to return?

Here are the players eligible for the practice squad:

Under the new rules, CB Teddy Williams, WR Brittan Golden, OLB Adrian Tracy, S Curtis Taylor and DT Christian Tupou.

Of these players, a max of two can come back. Williams and Golden are the most likely candidates, with Tracy being a distant third possibility.

The others?

They include RB Zach Bauman, C/G Philip Blake, LB Jonathan Brown, WR Dan Buckner, DT Bruce Gaston, TE Andre Hardy, CB Jimmy Legree, T Kevin Palmer and G Anthony Steen.

Bauman is is good candidate. They have four running backs on the roster. So is Palmer, as the team only has one backup tackle. Palmer can play both sides. Steen is a guy you would like to keep around, but the team already has a bunch of guards.

Gaston could be a good choice as well.

Who do you think ends up returning? Are there other young guys from around the league that you would like to see added to the practice squad?