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Cardinals vs. Texans halftime quotes

Check out what Carson Palmer and Antonio Cromartie had to say.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Carson Palmer and Antonio Cromartie answered some questions at halftime. Here is what they said. Note that they really say nothing. They executed and did their job. Good work.

Opening statement:

"Really, really great to just see us come out and execute. Nothing spectacular, nothing special; just everybody on the same page. Saw a couple of different pressures, saw a couple of different looks and we reacted the right way to those looks and just were very efficicient and executed. That's what we wanted to get out of tonight."

On overcoming the sack and the penalty, converting the two third downs:

"Those were big. You have to do that in this league and it's not easy. Again, it wasn't anything spectacular, but everyone did their job and everyone executed. We were in and out of the huddle. We changed personnel groups and overcame some third-and-long situations."

On Jaron and John Brown:

"I don't know who has had a better camp or a better showing tonight, but those are two guys that we have high expectations for. They came out and made tough catches. It wasn't too big for them. They came out like it was another practice in the stadium like we've had. They have both been playing at a high level, and we need them to for us to go where we want to go."

On getting hit for the first time:

"Yes, you need to get a couple of those before you get to Week 1, and those are going to happen. I'm built to sit in the pocket and take those. It felt good to get the first one out of the way."

On the offense as a whole after three scores in 1st quarter:

"The defense helped us out; got us real good field position a couple of times. We just went out and executed and did what we expected to do."

Now for Antoino Cromartie:

His impressions in his first game:

"It's good. It's just important you try to get in a game mentality and try to get in and work on your technique as much as you can."

On his feelings about the starting defense's performance:

"We caused a turnover. We could have had another turnover in the first series. We're just trying to make plays on the back end. The defensive front, they'll handle their job by stopping the run. We just want to make sure that me, Pat (Peterson), Jarraud Powers and those guys, Rashad Johnson and T-Jeff (Tony Jefferson), make sure that on the back end we hold up our end because we know the front will hold up theirs."

On his interception:

"It's good, just from the standpoint if we just always try to be around the ball. When you're running to the ball, good things always happen. That's what we try to make sure that we can accomplish, to have a lot of turnovers on this defense."