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Cardinals vs. Texans injury update: Michael Floyd, Ted Ginn to miss a few days

How does the team look with its health after its initial game?

Christian Petersen

Before the game, the news was announced that receivers Michael Floyd and Ted Ginn would miss the preseason opener for the Arizona Cardinals.

After the game, we got the update that both would miss a few days.

Head coach Bruce Arians explained that Floyd "tweaked a groin" at the end of practice and that Ginn, on a punt return at the beginning of practice, banged knees with the gunner. Ginn finished practice and his knee swelled up.

The MRI was clean for Ginn.

Arians said, "we're looking at Mike Floyd probably (missing) anywhere from six to 10 days and Teddy maybe three."

Outside of that, Arians said," we basically came out injury-free." He said that there were some bruises, but does not expect anyone to miss time.

Guard Jonathan Cooper got rolled up on his leg that was broken last preseason, but Arians said it was his toe. "Hopefully it's not turf toe," he said.

Cooper said when it happened he was "a little bit scared, a little bit hurting, but I got up and was able to continue to play, so I'm all right."

We will know about some of the other bumps and bruises when Arians meets with the media on Tuesday.