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Bruce Arians understands Eli Manning's struggles, 'doesn't judge a QB in a new offense until Week 8'

The learning curve is tougher when a veteran has to be completely reprogramed.

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The New York Giants have looked out of sync offensively. Eli Manning has struggled and his offensive teammates aren't always on the same page. Arizona Cardinals fans can relate, as Carson Palmer went through similar struggles in 2013.

Head coach Bruce Arians spoke about the struggles with the New York Daily News, as the Cardinals take on the Giants on the road on Sunday.

"I did this with Carson Palmer last year," Arians said. "He had been in the same system pretty much nine years and he has ideas, then you are trying to re-program. It is much easier getting a rookie and brainwashing him than it is to take a veteran and change him totally into a new system.

"I try to never judge a quarterback in a new offense until Week 8."

This is good news for the Cardinals, as they play the Giants in Week 2.

Eli Manning led the NFL with 27 interceptions a season ago. Palmer, learning a new offense, threw 22 in 2013. Manning opened the season with a par of interceptions. Can the Cardinals take advantage of the offensive struggles New York is having and start the season 2-0?

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