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Could Daryl Washington Play This Season?

Could the new NFLPA and NFL drug policy lift Daryl Washington's suspension?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Currently the NFLPA and the NFL have been working on a deal that would instate a new drug policy with sweeping changes. The NFL and NFLPA want to impose more stringent human growth hormone (HGH) testing as well as increase the threshold required for a positive test for marijuana, among other things.

These changes could have an immediate impact on the league by lifting the suspensions of some players who tested positive under the old rules. Adam Schefter tweeted that up to 20 players could have their bans reversed. Many are already speculating that extremely talented but oft trouble-making Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon could be one of the players reinstated into the league.

The threshold of positive tests for marijuana are expected to go from 15ng/ml to 35ng/ml (whatever that means; any ROTB scientists care to go into detail in the comment section?). Also proposed is changing the off-season amphetamine test category from 'performance enhancing' (where positive tests are immediate suspensions) to 'substances of abuse' (i.e. marijuana, and less harsh punishments on first failed tests). This change could potential lift the suspension of Patriots WR Wes Welker. In addition, according to, DUI convictions will lead to a mandatory two-game suspension.

While no news of Daryl Washington has surfaced it is possible that he may be one of the 20 players included. This could be very big news for the Cardinals.

Obviously having Washington back on the field would be a huge addition to the defense. His ability to cover sideline-to-sideline, rush the passer and shoot the gap is special. However Washington has made himself a liability with his recent string of extremely poor (stupid) decisions. Washington could still be suspended for the domestic abuse he committed and may not be a player Keim trusts anymore to be smart and do the right thing.

Lifting the suspension on Washington also fast-forwards the issue of his 10 million dollar bonus he is due.

If you are Wizard we know as Steve Keim, what do you do? Reinstate him knowing that once he is back to game speed he will make the Cardinals defense that much scarier, or let him rot because he is an idiot?