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2014 Week 3 NFL Power Rankings: Denver at the top, Cardinals No. 5

With a week one full of upsets, week two has established a bit of consistency in the top teams.

Alex Goodlett

Week two of the NFL season finished on Monday night leaving us fans begging for more. Heading into week three, here are your (relatively bold) league wide power rankings:

1) Denver Broncos:

Peyton Manning is determined to get his second ring that he fell short of last year. Although his week two game was against the Chiefs, he handed a loss to the Colts last week as well. Broncos are the team to beat.

2) Seattle Seahawks:

Not a surprise that Seattle is next, however, they are coming off a tough loss to the Chargers where their offense only had the ball for 28% of the game. The Hawks will need to show up against the Broncos next week to really prove week two was not a fluke.

3) Cincinnati Bengals:

The Bengals picked the Falcons apart feather by feather, posting almost 500 offensive yards and forcing three interceptions, all without their star A.J. Green. Taking on Tennessee in Ohio should be a walk in the park for this often overlooked team. They are showing us they're the real deal.

4) Philadelphia Eagles:

A prime time win against Andrew Luck and the Colts has put Phili in the best position possible. Phili will probably stay in the top five and possibly even move up as they face little competition until week 8 against the Cardinals. Eagles are flying high.

5) Arizona Cardinals:

With the week 1 win against the Chargers, the Cardinals were fired up and showed their confidence against Eli Manning. The real challenges the Cardinals face in against the 49ers next week. If they pull of a win in the NFC West, the Cardinals would be in a great position to contend for the title.

6) Carolina Panthers:

After a Cam Newton-less win in week one and domination against a confident Lions team in week 2, the Panthers are looking like the team to beat. If Super Cam can recover quickly from his rib injuries, they are looking to dominate the NFC South.

7) San Diego Chargers:

San Diego snuck their way into the playoffs last year and seem to be thriving off of that as they hand a loss to the defending Super Bowl Champs. If the Chargers expose the Bills, they make a good case for playoff contention.

8) Green Bay Packers:

The Packers have been scaring cheese heads into submission these past two weeks. However, Aaron Rodgers and his receiving core should be able to pull off a win against Detroit, if not, we will be seeing this generous ranking fall fast.

9) Buffalo Bills:

I have chosen to go bold with this pick, but the way the Bills are playing I don't see much getting in their way. They beat the Bears and Miami who beat San Fran and the Pats. Think about it. Bills in the top ten is not too bold anymore.

10) New England Patriots:

After a devastating week 1 loss to the Miami DolphinsTom Brady rallied together and stopped down Vikings who came off a great week 1 win over the Rams. But let's be honest, it's just the Vikings. But also, it's Tom Brady. Don't lose faith yet.

The remainders:

11) Indianapolis Colts
12)  San Francisco 49ers
13) Chicago Bears
14) Detroit Lions
15) Atlanta Falcons
16) New Orleans Saints
17) Pittsburgh Steelers
18) Miami Dolphins
19) Baltimore Ravens
20) Minnesota Vikings
21) Kansas City Chiefs
22) Cleveland Browns
23) New York Jets
24) Dallas Cowboys
25) Huston Texans
26) Tennessee Titans
27) Washington Redskins
28) New York Giants
29) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
30) St. Louis Rams
31) Jacksonville Jaguars
32) Oakland Raiders