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Carson Palmer could be back this week or out a month

The team and the quarterback are in a holding pattern with the injury.

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Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer missed his last start with a nerve issue in his shoulder. While there is hope he can return to play on Sunday at  home against the San Francisco 49ers, but it might be a while.

Head coach Bruce Arians was on Sirius XM NFL, as he is regularly on Tuesdays, and indicated the uncertainty of this particular injury.

"Could be a day, could be a month," Arians said.

It all depends on when the nerve "starts firing" again.

Arians said on Sunday the decision to start Drew Stanton was as late as it could be. Palmer tried throwing the ball and couldn't, so Stanton got the call. Arians said the team would take the ball first if they won the toss.

The Palmer injury is tricky because it is a nerve. It isn't in his neck like it was for Peyton Manning, which eventually led to his missing an entire year, but the uncertainty makes things difficult.

Can the Cardinals survive in a competitive division for an extended period of time with Stanton at the helm?