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NFL and domestic violence: We may have a small problem here.....

Darryl Washington, Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Ray McDonald, and now Jonathan Dwyer. The NFL has a huge problem mounting, and something needs to be done that suspensions cant accomplish.

Christian Petersen

It has been a grand total of 55 days since I wrote this.  I am very happy that there was enough pressure put on the NFL and Mr. Goodell to warrant revisiting the situation (thanks to TMZ for doing what 1000's of other people couldn't --make Roger Goodell admit he was wrong).  What in the hell did he think went on in the elevator when someone admits he cold clocked his girlfriend  hard enough to knock her out?

Then you have Adrian Peterson, one of the best running backs in the NFL.  As a father myself, I will admit that he has the right to punish his child however he chooses, within the law.  This is not disciplining your child. It is child abuse, plain and simple.  I have spanked my child exactly once with something other than my hand (a spatula) and swatted his butt once with it and have never drawn blood like AP did .  To this day I have not needed to do it again in order to have him respect me when he does not all I have to say is, "Do I need to go get the spatula?"

The NFL is a violent game. This is why Americans love it. It is violent, nasty and hard-hitting -- everything I personally love.  This game I love has a huge issue. In the 15 or so months we have had the NFL games overshadowed by a man allegedly killing a person, then days later signing a $40 million contract and then killing someone else (supposedly). Players are beating their wives, children and random strangers -- too many to list but you can go here for a comprehensive list. Even owners are in trouble with the law.

All this adds up to one simple problem. The league provides the best doctors to get these players back on the field as soon a possible, but don't provide the mental heath needed when you take young men who have been put on a pedestal all their lives and give them multi-million dollar contracts. We can't shocked when these violent men, almost criminally violent, can't turn off the violent job they do and feel pressure from everyone from media, to the general public.

The great change that needs to be made is proactive mental health, starting with when rookies get into the NFL because someone needs to teach them right from wrong.  They are 21, 22, 23 years old and you are about to hand them a paycheck every week that equals more than I make in a year.

Mr. Goodell, stop being reactive with these players. Be proactive.