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Arizona Cardinals news 9/20: John Abraham retires, Drew Stanton to start

Saturday morning links with lots of story previews

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There is a game tomorrow and there was a lot of news yesterday. So take a few minutes to see what you might have missed.


Cardinals Blogs | Stanton to start against 49ers
Bruce Arians made it simple Friday, announcing that Drew Stanton will start at quarterback for the Cardinals Sunday.

Cardinals Blogs | Friday before the Niners

The bumps aren’t over yet, either. “It’s only Week 3,” Arians said. “Something’s coming.”

Friday Five - 49ers At Cardinals

A glance at five top storylines for the Cardinals-49ers game Sunday at University of Phoenix Stadium:

John Abraham Heads To IR

Notebook: Concussion ends linebacker's season; Stanton to start at quarterback against 49ers

Calais Campbell Seeks Dominance

Defensive end knows Cardinals need him to shine as personnel thins

Arizona Cardinals work through off-field stories - ESPN

"Adversity, it comes in all different sizes, shapes and forms," Fitzgerald said. "You have to be able to deal with it. Everybody’s dealing with it in some way or form. We got this type of issue here. Washington’s dealing with injuries.

Arizona Cardinals' Dave Zastudil out for second straight game - ESPN

When the Arizona Cardinals re-signed punter Drew Butler, it meant starter Dave Zastudil was still on the mend.

Prediction: Arizona Cardinals beat San Francisco 49ers - ESPN

My prediction: Cardinals 21, 49ers 18

FTP: Breaking down Arizona Cardinals-San Francisco 49ers - ESPN

Flush the Pocket will be your daily morning dose of the Arizona Cardinals. It’ll recap the top storyline from the previous day and give you a look at what everyone is saying locally and nationally.

Arizona Cardinals vs. San Francisco 49ers preview - ESPN

It's that time of the year again, when NFC West rivals start going head-to-head.

Cardinals vs. 49ers thoughts

This one could get ugly. The meat grinder is where this game is going to be decided on both sides of the ball, that violent area of the box where blood and dirt become part of the uniform and line mouth guards. The team that blocks and tackles and executes the fundamentals of the game the best will be victorious this Sunday.


Roger Goodell will do better next time. Again. -

Roger Goodell's press conference was another exercise in bureaucratic response, the same thing we've been hearing for weeks. Despite a lot of promises, does it seem like anything's going to change?

The Notebook: Offensive trickery and next-level play design -

Sending a speedster on a go route isn't the only way to get a big play. Retired NFL defensive end Stephen White looks at some of the ways offensive coordinators are making life tougher for defenses.

Presenting a long awaited social media win for Washington: RG3mixes -

Literally taking songs and making them about Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins.

Football has never been good -

Take a look back at history following the worst football news week ever.

Roger Goodell spends 45 minutes dodging questions -

The commissioner admitted personal mistakes in the handling of recent domestic violence cases, but offered little else.

Ravens statement says ESPN report has 'numerous errors' -

An ESPN Outside the Lines report was released on Friday that contradicted the stories of Ravens executives as well as NFL personnel.

It's time to start treating the NFL like the business it is -

Threatening to take away the NFL's tax-exempt status may be the nudge the NFL needs to fix the off-field issues that ail it.

NFL players live-critique Roger Goodell's press conference on Twitter -

The NFL commissioner spoke to the press, players watched with interest.

Roger Goodell press conference interrupted by man shouting 'Don't take me to an elevator' -

One of Howard Stern's writers made his presence known on Friday afternoon.

'Stop f---ing doing that': Katie Nolan's 5 simple rules for NFL players -

Apparently a refresher was needed.

Authorities seek protective order against Adrian Peterson -

Hennepin County court has petitioned for a protective order that would keep the running back from any unsupervised or unauthorized contact with his 4-year-old son.

Procter & Gamble pulls out of NFL initiative due to domestic violence issue -

Procter & Gamble has canceled a breast cancer awareness campaign, citing the league's questionable response to recent off-field issues.