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Week 3 fantasy football keepers and projections for Arizona Cardinals

Matt Ufford gives SB Nation's fantasy football advice.

Everyone loves fantasy football, right? Everyone wants to win and get that edge. SB Nation's Matt Ufford gives his weekly fantasy advice in "Keepers."

As an Arizona Cardinals fan, you will note that not a single Cardinals player seems to ever get mentioned -- ever.

That's okay. You can't expect much when you have Drew Stanton starting. Seriously, if someone tells you to start Drew Stanton in your fantasy league, you might want to reconsider where you are getting your advice.

But in case you wanted to know what types of projections there are for Arizona Cardinals players, have a look at numberFire's info below.

See the Stanton projections? That isn't what you want from your QB in fantasy.

Tell us what you think about Ufford's advice. What fantasy strategies are you going with this week?