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Cardinals vs. 49ers: Play of the Game Poll

We're still undefeated!

Christian Petersen

Following the Cardinals' 23-14 victory over the visiting San Francisco 49ers, Arizona remains in 1st place in the NFC West after three weeks.  What was the play of the game during this important victory?

1) Stanton to Floyd

Early in the 3rd quarter, down 14-6 and at their own 17 yardline, QB Drew Stanton bombed a 45 yard pass to receiver Michael Floyd, who was able to come down with the mid-air reception.  Four plays later, Stanton would find John Brown for the Cardinals' first TD of the day.

2) The go-ahead TD

Stanton (Standing in place for the injured Carson Palmer again) threw two TD passes on Sunday, and they both went to the same guy: Rookie receiver John Brown.  But for the sake of calling it the Play of the game, and not Play(s), we'll go with the second Brown TD that came with 4:40 left in the 3rd quarter, putting the Cardinals up for good at 19-13.

3) The Blocked Field Goal

With the score set at 20-14, the 49ers were able to rally back and push to the Cardinals 5 yard line.  Thanks to an unnecessary roughness call against former Cardinal Anquan Boldin for headbutting S Tony Jefferson, the 49ers were forced to try for a FG.  Tommy Kelly would have none of that.  The defensive tackle swatted Phil Dawson's attempt down, thus killing the 49ers drive, and a chance by them to cut the lead to within a FG.

4) The Lone Kaepernick Sack

To Colin Kaepernick's credit, he's an incredibly mobile quaterback.  No matter what the Cardinlas threw at him, he seemed to evade every tackle and blitz that came his way.  That's why Tony Jefferson's sack of Kaepernick deserves to be on this list.  With 4:55 left in the 4th quarter, and the 49ers still down by 6, Jefferson was able to blitz right up the middle to bring down Kaepernic, for an 8 yard loss.

Special Mention: The Offensive Line - I can't call out a particular play by the offensive line, but their performance deserves a shout out.  They offered some of the best protection for Stanton that I've ever seen coming from a Cardinals line, and it truly was a glorious sight.

What play deserves this title?  Vote in the poll, or comment below if a particular play not mentioned here stuck out in your mind.