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NFL power rankings: Arizona Cardinals near the top

Rounding up the rankings from around the Web,, Arizona is getting serious love now.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Power rankings for the NFL are out everywhere. The Cardinals are 3-0, and after their win over the San Francisco 49ers, they are getting more attention.

Where do they rank now? Let's take a look:

In the latest SB Nation list, Arizona moves up four spots to number four in the league.

Meantime, the Cardinals used a 17-0 second-half run to defeat the Niners at home, putting the NFC West on notice that they are no fluke. Both Cincinnati's and Arizona's identities are centered around their physical, tough, intimidating defenses, but both are proving they can get it done on offense as well -- Arizona even with its backup quarterback, Drew Stanton.

ESPN's rankings also have the Cards going up four spots. They are now number five.

Michael Floyd? Larry Fitzgerald? Nope. It's John Brown who has caught three of the Cardinals' four passing touchdowns this season, including two in Sunday's win.'s rankings were more generous last week and this week. Ranked fifth last week, they are now third, behind only the Bengals and the Eagles, meaning they are believed to be the worst of the three undefeated teams in the league.

What a victory. What a victory. Let me say it again: What a non-loss! I mean, you'd think Arizona would have dropped at least one of the games Drew Stanton has started at quarterback, considering he was thrown into the role in New York in Week 2, then faced a tough NFC West opponent in the Niners, who, entering Sunday's contest in Glendale, had lost just once to the Cardinals since 2008. The Cards went 9-for-14 on third and fourth downs against San Francisco. That wins games.

CBS Sports' newest rankings give the Cardinals the most love. They are ranked number two.

The 3-0 Cardinals have made a strong case for being considered a real division contender. Next up: Denver on the road after the bye.