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Arizona Cardinals defense is most crafted part of the team so far

We answer Marshall Faulk's weekly question.

Christian Petersen

Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk asks SB Nation a question every week as part of the GMC Playbook. Here is this week's question:

What has been the most crafted part of the Arizona Cardinals through three games?

Let's go with the thing everyone is talking about -- second half defensive adjustments that defensive coordinator Todd Bowles has made.

The team has yet to allow a single point in the fourth quarter. Arizona is second in the league in points allowed, giving up only 15 points per game.

Here are the results of opponents' fourth quarter drives so far this season:

  • 3 Punts
  • 2 Fumbles
  • 2 Drives ended on downs
  • 1 Interception
  • 1 Blocked FG
  • 1 Drive ended when time expired

Lat Sunday, San Francisco scored on its first two possession, moving the ball 80 yards and getting in the end zone each time. After those two drives, the Cardinals defense allowed just 133 net yards of offense over the final six San Francisco possessions, an average of 22.2 yards per drive. San Francisco gained just 106 total net yards in their five second half drives on Sunday.

We could also discuss the comeback drives, too, but if we are to talk craftsmanship, you simply have to talk about the defense. Considering the losses they have taken on that side of the ball and the pass rushing deficiencies they have, the performances they keep having is nothing less than the finest craftsmanship.

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