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Arizona Cardinals opponents don't lose after losing matchup

Do you doubt the Cardinals? Well, their 3 wins are against teams that have not lost since.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

We know the Arizona Cardinals are 3-0 to start the season -- one of only two undefeated teams.

But the Cardinals also have an interesting distinction. The three teams they have beaten -- the San Diego Chargers, New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers -- have since gone undefeated, a combined 6-0.

San Diego, who lost to the Cards in Week 1, is now 3-1. New York was 0-2 after losing at home to Arizona, has won two straight. San Francisco defeated the Eagles 26-21 on Sunday.

What does this mean?

Does it mean that teams get better against the Cardinals? After all, the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks had a distinction for much of last year, that the week  after playing Seattle, teams would also lose. It was credited to the very physical style of football they play.

Does this mean the Cardinals are soft?


What it should lead you to believe is that the Cardinals are beating very good teams, as they go on to win after playing Arizona.

Will this trend continue? Can it? What do you think?