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Monday Night Football live blog and reactions

Chat football on a Monday evening.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

It is Monday night and we know what that means! Jon Gruden loving everything about every single quarterback and making intense faces as the ESPN color analyst for the game.

Tonight it is the New England Patriots visiting the Kansas City Chiefs. New England squeaked out a win last week over the Raiders, while  the Chiefs put up 34 on Miami, who throttled the Raiders in London.

This is your open thread to talk about the game on TV.

Where are you at watching the game? Are you at home or some other venue?

How much of the game will you watch? Do you have anyone on either team on your fantasy team?

Can the New England line stop the edge rushers of the Chiefs?


1. Language restrictions are lifted, but we ask that you not go overboard.

2. No trolling or personal attacks. Let's be respectful.

3. Absolutely no soliciting or sharing of online feeds other than the Watch ESPN legal feed. That will get you banned.

4. Watch football and enjoy!