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2014 NFL countdown: The Cardinals history of No. 5 (5 days until the season opener)

Another number without much history

Christian Petersen

We now have only five days until the Arizona Cardinals play their season opener. Today is the day we go over the history of No. 5.

It has a short history.

It was never used before Arizona.

It is now worn by backup quarterback Drew Stanton. He hasn't thrown a regular season pass since 2010. He was signed to a three-year free agent contract two offseasons ago and was briefly considered to be the likely starting QB. He might not ever get that chance here. He has Bruce Arians' absolute trust, He knows the offense, is great in the locker room and in the meeting room. We don't know exactly what he has to offer as a starter, but he believes he will get his shot someday.

Punter Ben Graham wore No. 5. He punted from 2008-2011, although in 2011, he was only here because Dave Zastudil was banged up. He was great at pinning teams deep in their own territory, but wasn't much at flipping field position.

Another punter, Mike Barr, was the guy to wear No. 5 in 2007. He punted for 11 games before Ken Whisenhunt replaced him, opening the door for Graham the next season.

Way back from 1991-96, it was kicker Greg Davis who wore it. He was previously with the Falcons. He was tough, having played ball at the Citadel. He had one absolutely terrible year for the Cards. In 1992 he missed 13 field goals, including four within 30 yards. Overall he was solid for the time. He hit 70 percent of his field goals while a Cardinal. His career percentage was just under 69 percent.

The first guy to wear No. 5 was quarterback Gary Hogeboom. I remember in 1989, his only season in Arizona, when he started 13 games. It was the Cards' first attempt of replacing Neil Lomax. A backup for his whole career, getting only spot starts, he joined Arizona for his final NFL season at age 31. As a starter, he threw for 14 touchdowns and 19 interceptions, completing 56 percent of his passes for just under 2600 yards. He was 5-8 as a starter.

Who was the best? Probably Greg Davis overall.

Not inspiring, but we are just days away form the start of the season.