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ROTB Roundtable: 53-man Roster, Impressive/Disappointing Players, and Daryl Washington

Just five more days till the season begins for Arizona!

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While we wait for the final stretch of the off-season to finish, the ROTB Writing Staff gave their take on three questions surrounding the team.

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1) What is your reaction to the final 53-man roster?  Were there any surprises?

Jess Root: It was surprising that they kept 10 linebackers. It was surprising they kept only 8 DBs. Glenn Carson was a surprise -- not because of how he played, but because of the numbers.

Alex Mann: It was not a surprise of who was on there, but the number of players at a position. If Mathieu cannot go on Monday, the team only has three safeties, and seven defensive backs in all for that game. I was glad to see Carson make the roster, his play was outstanding all through out camp, and when he got his opportunities on the field. I doubt we keep only eight defensive backs all season, but I like the confidence Arians and Keim are showing in those eight.

Jesse Reynolds: That the Cardinals are very concerned about the LB position. 11 guys for 4 positions is an overload. I think the number changes once we see among them can get to the passer. Here's to hoping for the next Cameron Wake...

Robert Norman: I'm not surprised. Remember the team had.. what like four wide receivers on the roster last season at one time? I'm fully prepared to hear about news about a changing roster at the end of the depth chart all season long. I think it is clear however that the team is not confident in the linebacker corps, otherwise there would be no need for eleven. Which means this is probably a make or break year for guys like Alex Okafor and Sam Acho

2) Which player were you most impressed with this preseason?  Most disappointed with?

Jess Root: You have to be impressed with both John and Jaron Brown. They looked great. I was disappointed in John Abraham, but I was also disappointed in Alex Okafor in terms of pass rush. He was talked about in the offseason. Nothing showed in the preseason.

Alex Mann: The Brown brothers have to be who you are most impressed with. John Brown was questioned whenever the tempo stepped up, would he be able to run that fast with pads, or catch the ball with defenders on him. He did it all. Jaron has been incredible, especially his development from year one to two. Disappointed, I would have to say the outside backers. None have provided any sort of sustainable pass rush. Abraham has been in the backfield a lot, but whether he over pursued or was just held, he picked up no sacks.

Jesse Reynolds: I'll join the likely legion of Jaron Brown fans. We Cardinals fans are use to flash in the pan UDFA WRs making serious noise in training camp but fizzling out during the preseason or regular season. Jaron Brown can still be one of those guys as he has yet to do anything in 2014. It's possible I'm just a blind optimist but I feel like Brown is the real deal and could develop into a Antonio Brown like WR. So, you know, that'd be pretty great.

Robert Norman: No question. Jaron Brown won a roster spot with relative ease. His large improvement is great and made Walt Powell essentially obsolete. Incredible to think last season had a turnstile for the receivers last year and now it could be argued they are the highest quality all the way down the depth chart.

Jonathan Cooper was disappointing, though some may have been out of his control. I don't believe he is 100% healed from his leg and he needs more time to develop his physical strength in his legs as well as mentally preparing himself to play without fear of another injury. Still there was a lot of hope that both him and Veldheer would anchor the left side of the offensive line for the next five years and that looks to be delayed some more.

3) Due to the NFL's new domestic abuse policy, Daryl Washington could be looking at missed games in 2015, adding on to his suspension this year.  If that is the case, do you think the Cardinals should cut all ties with him, or stick with the star LBer?

Jess Root: I don't think the Cardinals will keep him around. That's my gut feeling. He hasn't shown he can be counted on. Plus, he is probably looking at another bunch of games suspended...if he is even reinstated.

Alex Mann: Well if he is punished under the league's new policy, it's unfair. He said he was guilty prior to the policy being announced, and the case was closed prior to. It would be like performing an action, before that action is deemed a crime. But I think Arizona holds onto him until the NFL hands their punishment. He's gone until the Superbowl so there is plenty of time to see what happens.

Jesse Reynolds: Man, I have been wondering this. I hear he won't be charged under the new rules but who knows. Even then, he causes a lot of internal conflict for us fans! I want to grab him by the shoulders, shaking and yelling at him to stop smoking weed, you dumb !#$%ing idiot, while also yelling at him for laying a hand on someone. The guy is a phenomenal talent that you don't want to let go, but you also don't want to have to deal with his crap. This is a grey area decision that doesn't appear to have any clear right answer.

Robert Norman: I don't see how "the shield" could retroactively punish a player. But then again this offseason was a lot of firsts in how they handle punishment. Frankly, it's none of their business since Goodell is not the law. However, since that is the world the Cardinals live in, I think they need to cut ties with him if he misses any games in 2015. One year is long enough and it doesn't matter how much talent a player has if he cannot get on the field.