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2014 NFL Power Rankings: Have the mighty fallen?

Week four is in the books, and the normally consistent power rankings took a huge hit. Who fell steeply and who should garner some attention?

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Power rankings usually favor some of the bigger powerhouses in the league. However, a lot of those powerhouses have started the season ugly. There's a surprising team in this weeks top four, and a big drop for a usual top five contender. Find out more here, with your ROTB Power Rankings.

1) Cincinnati Bengals: 3-0

I am usually known for making obscene and rather crazy remarks at times, but with how the Bengals are playing now, they really should be ranked at the top. They control games on both sides of the ball from start to finish and are unstoppable. Sure most will select the Seahawks as their number one, but with a loss on their record, and a defense that has looked off at times this year, it's hard for me, personally, to put them on top.

2) Seattle Seahawks: 2-1

I just bashed them in the above post, but the Seahawks look really good offensively. They lost a close one to San Diego, and pulled out the win against Denver by the skin of their teeth, so I find it hard to put them on top, but besides all of that this team has gotten better. They have a healthy Percy Harvin which strengthens a very good offense. Defensively they look to be out of sort in some areas, but this is still a team that plays physical and forces you to play your best.

3) Denver Broncos: 2-1

The Broncos dropped a game to the Seahawks, but compared to their super bowl loss, were very competitive. Denver looks much improved on the defensive side of the ball. They remain inconsistent with their youth, but a healthy dosage of the veteran players they have should help ease the learning curve for the younger players.

4) Arizona Cardinals: 3-0

Had you asked me if the Cardinals would be 3-0 to start the season... I would have said it's very possible. The first two games looked very winnable on paper, with the biggest test being the 49ers. Thus far the biggest test for Arizona was San Diego. Sure the team had to overcome second half deficits in all games, but the San Diego game proved the toughest to overcome thus far. Arizona is looking like a real contender, and are one of two teams to remain undefeated. (Bengals)

5) San Diego Chargers: 3-1

The Chargers suffered a tough loss to the Cardinals in week one, but have rebounded since, winning three straight against two quality opponents. The Chargers have been a pleasant surprise this season, as many feared they would succumbed to their tough AFC West and NFC West foes. The Chargers will look to remain in the top five throughout the season, and are very capable of such.

That rounds out the top five, the rest follow as such:

6) Baltimore Ravens
7) Detroit Lions
8) Philadelphia Eagles
9) Indianapolis Colts
10) Dallas Cowboys (shocking)
11) Green Bay Packers
12) Atlanta Falcons
13) San Francisco 49ers
14) Chicago Bears
15) Kansas City Chiefs
16) Carolina Panthers
17) New England Patriots
18) New Orleans Saints
19) Pittsburgh Steelers
20) Cleveland Browns
21) New York Giants
22) Minnesota Vikings
23) New York Jets
24) Houston Texans
25) Miami Dolphins
26) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
27) Buffalo Bills
28) Tennessee Titans
29) St. Louis Rams
30) Jacksonville Jaguars
31) Washington Redskins
32) Oakland Raiders

Agree, disagree? Let us known in the comments below.