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Bruce Arians excited to draw up plays for Andre Ellington

The running back brings an exciting dynamic to the offense.

Norm Hall

Andre Ellington will soon be on display for the Arizona Cardinals. There is a lot expected of the second year player. There are projections of 1500+ yards from scrimmage and the talk is that he will get 20+ touches a game.

Head coach Bruce Arians was asked during his media session on Wednesday if he was excited about working Ellington into the playbook. He said he was "very" excited.

"We still have to watch not overloading him and overworking him, but it's fun to draw plays for him because he can do damn near everything," he said.

What about the play selection in the preseason? "That was just the preseason," he said. "We know what he likes now and we're well-equipped to run the plays he likes."

It won't be long (four days) until we see the plan for him. How much will he be running traditional inside plays? How much will he line up at receiver? How often will he catch a ball lined up at running back? How many touches will he actually get?

These are things fans have been wondering for months. In just a few days, we will get answers.