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Who will be the most consistent player for the Arizona Cardinals?

There are two easy names.

Harry How

Heading into this season, there are a lot of questions surrounding the Arizona Cardinals. The assumption is the defense will be good, but might take a step back with the loss of three key players in Karlos Dansby, Darnell Dockett and Daryl Washington.

The offense is expected to be improved, but that is still unproven.

But who will provide the consistency?

This has to be two players -- Larry Fitzgerald and Calais Campbell.

Fitz has not had Fitz-like numbers the past two seasons, but you can always count on him being where he should be and doing what he should do. Even in a down year, he still almost broke 1000 yards for the season. He had a total of one  dropped pass and regrets even that one.

He is consistency embodied.

On the defensive side of the ball, look no further than the new defensive captain -- Calais Campbell. He consistently puts up top numbers at defensive end, and he does it without much league fanfare because he doesn't get J.J. Watt sack numbers. But outside of Watt, there might not be a better player at his position.

He is always good. He is stout against the run. He is a tackle machine for a D-lineman. He gets pressure on quarterbacks.

If there is one player you can count on to consistently do his job, Campbell is the guy.

Is there anyone else on the team you would equate with consistency?

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