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Monday Night Football early game live updates and reaction

While you're waiting for the important game, catch the matinee show.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals play later tonight, but while you are waiting, why not turn on ESPN and watch the New York Giants and Detroit Lions play? Both are teams the Cardinals will face this season. In fact, the Cardinals travel to play the Giants this coming Sunday.

This will be your open thread for the non-Cardinals game.

Chat, comment, react and share.

Open thread reminders:

While we do lighten up on the language restrictions, we ask that you not go overboard.

No trolling. If you are a visiting fan on our site, please respect the fans here.

No personal attacks, as always.

Most importantly, don't ask for or share illegal online game feeds. It will get you an immediate ban.

Thanks as always and enjoy the opening act.