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Cardinals vs. Chargers Monday Night Football live blog

The Cardinals are on display as the only game on.

Christian Petersen

It is time. The Arizona Cardinals are going to play a regular season football game. Now the game counts.

The San Diego Chargers want to spoil the Cardinals' home opener and celebration for Kurt Warner, who will be honored by the team at halftime and will see his name added to the Ring of Honor. His name will be in the northwest corner of the stadium, between Night Train Lane and Marshall Goldberg.

You know the details of the game.

This is your open thread to discuss the game.

Here is some reading material, should you fancy that sort of thing.

The history, stats and connections for Cards/Chargers

What Madden 15 predicted for the game

What to watch in the game

Just a few friendly reminders:

1. We lighten the language restrictions, but still ask you to be judicious.

2. No trolling or personal attacks.

3. Absolutely no requesting or sharing illegal online feeds of the game. You will be banned.

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