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Chargers vs Cardinals results: What was the play of the game in the Arizona victory?

Time to vote on your favorite play was Monday night.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason is official over now that the Cardinals and Chargers have played the second of the MNF games and it was a great way to end Week 1. While the game had it's ups and downs on both offense and defense, I think it's time to celebrate the awesome plays from last night.

1) Michael Floyd’s 63-yard catch (and Carson’s 63-yard throw)

With the Cardinals at the 4-yard line due to a false start, Floyd blew right by the Chargers secondary on the second bomb of the game and, in perfect stride, hauled in a beautiful pass from Palmer to move to the Chargers 33-yard line. In the same vein, Palmer threw such a great pass that Floyd never had to slow down. Ridiculous.

2) Jerraud Powers 12-yard interception

Tasked with covering the Eddie Royal on the inside with 22 seconds left in the half and the game tied at 3-3. Royal ran a slant inside and hesitated upon seeing Powers position. Fortunately, Rivers already was in his windup and threw it directly to Powers whose turnover led to the Cards second field-goal going into halftime 6-3.

3) Larry Foote’s tackle for a loss

This play was a perfect example of what Foote will do all season. On 2nd-10, Foote starts moving before the play is snapped and shoots the gap, untouched, and tackles Matthews for a four yard loss setting up 3 and 14. It wasn’t a highlight reel play, but the epitome of a consistent, stout run defense.

4) John Brown’s 13-yard touchdown reception

After a heart pounding drive filled with great catches by Floyd, Fitzgerald and a 18 yard run by Ellington, Brown scored with a screen pass to take the lead. Motioned across the field and led by blocks from Carlson, Veldheer and Fanaika, Brown was able to juke out of three tackles to help the Cards take the lead with less than 3:00 minutes left in the game.

5) Larry Foote’s tipped pass

While Foote’s previous play could be considered argumentative. No such luck now. At 4th and 2 with the Chargers play for field goal range and on the Chargers 40 yard line. Philip River threw a short pass to Keenan Allen only to have the ball tipped in the air by Larry Foote who was watching River’s eyes the entire time. That tip caused just enough random movement on the ball that caused Allen to only touch the ball and drop it with some help from Peterson.

6) Lyle Sendein’s crazy snap

I know most of you are thinking this shouldn’t be considered a good thing. And yes, it was a botched play in some respect, what I saw was a center who was able to make a snap perfectly at Palmer’s height where Palmer was able to catch the ball and immediately start his footwork and throw a nice pass. Even better that a penalty created a first down.

There are my choices. Which do you think was the best play? Think there was a play that I missed? Tell me in the comments.