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2014 NFL Power Rankings: Seahawks, 49ers, Cardinals all in top-5

Week one is in the books for every team in the league. Several teams rose in stock, and others fell.

Christian Petersen

Week one comes to a close, and 16 teams start the season 1-0, while the other 16 hit the drawing boards. Here are your ROTB, Week One Power Rankings.

1) Seattle Seahawks:
Obviously there is no one else that should be here. After handling the Green Bay Packers on the 2014 season opener, the Seahawks they showed that there is no Super Bowl hangover. They will remain here until someone comes to claim the throne.

2) Denver Broncos:
The Broncos came out of their week one game, heavily battered, but not beaten. Andrew Luck lead the Colts to a ferocious comeback, but fell short. The Broncos are missing three of their biggest pieces to suspension, but that did not phase them. However, teams will try to exploit the weaknesses that the Colts opened up

3) Atlanta Falcons:
The Falcons came out of the gates with an impressive win over the New Orleans Saints. Matt Ryan showed that he is well worth the money the Falcons paid and will look to rebound from an abysmal 2013 season.

4) San Francisco 49ers:
It pains me to put the 49ers over the Cardinals, but last years NFC runner up played well against a weak Dallas team. Of course, they only managed 28 points against what many say, will be one of the worst defenses in NFL history.

5) Arizona Cardinals:

The number five team in the league would be Arizona. The defense has picked up where it left off last season, and while the offense struggled, they made two huge drives late to win the game. The team is stacked with young talent and veteran leadership.

6) Carolina Panthers:

The Panthers fielded Derek Anderson this week, after Cam Newton was unable to go with an injury. Anderson lead the Panthers to a 20-14 win, and helped them remain in the top 10. However, a Cam Newton deprived Panthers team, is not dangerous in the long term.

7) Philadelphia Eagles:
The Eagles were down 17-0 at the half, and looked as if they were going to fall to the Jaguars. However, the team rebounded and put up the final 34 points of the night, and walked away with a 34-17 win.

8) Indianapolis Colts:
A loss to one of the top teams in the league does not mean you fall out of the top 10. If the Colts cannot beat the Eagles next Monday, we can start to talk about their removal, but as of now, the Colts are still the favorite to win the AFC South.

9) New Orleans:
The Saints lost a close one against the Falcons, but if there's one thing about the Saints, you don't count them out. Drew Brees was phenomenal, but the team just could not close out the win.

10) Cincinnati Bengals:
Field goals cannot get it done in this league, but that was the case Sunday, as the Bengals managed only one touchdown, but five field goals.The Ravens are not an overly scary opponent, but the Bengals barely squeaked out a win.

Here are the rest:

11) Miami Dolphins

12) Minnesota Vikings

13) Detroit Lions

14) Buffalo Bills

15) Tennessee Titans

16) New York Jets

17) Pittsburgh Steelers

18) San Diego Chargers

19) New England Patriots

20) Green Bay Packers

21) Houston Texans

22) Washington Redskins

23) Chicago Bears

24) Jacksonville Jaguars

25) Oakland Raiders

26) Dallas Cowboys

27) Baltimore Ravens

28) Cleveland Browns

29) Kansas City Chiefs

30) New York Giants

31) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

32) St. Louis Rams