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Who can Cardinals fans back if the worst happens Saturday?

Outside of Arizona, where are your allegiances?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Who are you cheering for?

That's the easy question for fans reading this, assuming 99% of you are Cardinals fans, but the hard partis, who are you cheering for once the likely final chapter on what looked like a magical season for the Cardinals comes to a close?

This is not me wishing or hoping the Cardinals season ends, just expecting, with Ryan Lindley looking more and more likely to start against the Carolina Panthers on the road, on a short week, that the end is near, and reserving myself the unnecessary heart break of getting my hopes up.

So, as an Arizona Cardinals fan, who is next in line for me?

Well, I first must go outside of the conference, and as a fan of the game, as a student of the game, I would enjoy seeing Peyton Manning winning Super Bowl ring number two and riding off into the sunset (unlikely those things both happen).

Then I have to probably cheer for the Detroit Lions, since my seven year old, my own flesh and blood, is a Lions fan.

From there, family allegiance on my wife's side says Colts.

Then it gets pretty simple, as there is a group of teams I do not care about: Green Bay, Carolina (yes, even if they beat the Cardinals), Cincinnati and Baltimore. None of those teams cause me any pain or anguish, so if they win the Super Bowl, especially Cincy and their fan base, I would be fine, maybe even happy for them.

Then there are the teams I want to lose as soon as possible: Pittsburgh, New England and of course the Dallas Cowboys. 2008 still stings, New England just because and Dallas because I can't stand 80% of their fans. Although, the idea of Tony Romo finally winning a Super Bowl and giving a giant middle finger to all his detractors does make me smile a little bit, but not enough to overcome a childhood of dealing with Cowboys fans in Sun Devil Stadium while my dad and I sat and listened to the morons crow.

Then there's hell -- the Seahawks winning another Super Bowl.

Nothing makes me more angry than the fact that Seattle got it together first. That they were able to overcome their history of being perpetually bad, and built something worth being jealous of. That's what a rivalry is about, and I want what the Seahawks and their fans have. I also do not want them to have two.

What about you Cardinals fans? Are you interested in the playoffs if the Cardinals are eliminated early?

How would your allegiances fall?